I suddenly realised my bike is due its first MOT before next weekend.

Is there anywhere that will do a “walk-in” MOT? Or anybody know where I could have one done before or after work (office hours)?

Preferably a place that won’t mind (roadlegal) exhausts without the baffles, and the stage 2 air filter that is labelled “for race use only”?

I’m in SE London, Lewisham area.

there’s one in catford, go under the bridge as if your going to crystal palace or dulwich just past halfords under the bridge turn left follow it along until you see two arches one will be for cars the other bikes there’s a great big bloke in there don’t be scared hes a diamond and should let you get your mot with your “road legal” cans

go to kick start motorcycles on burnt ash hill and ask for ken say Dan sent ya he will sort ya out but u might have 2 book it thou b4 hand…:smiley: he a old school guy not fussed about that crap lol… he is just up nere lee green train station under the train bridge. Ur nere me then driesie…

Thanks guys.
Found a phone number for Kickstart so I rang them and booked in for Saturday morning :slight_smile:

kool kens a gd geezer been there since the 70’s lool:D