Hi, i’v just bought a Yamaha xj6n but was out of MOT. I wanna do the Mot, is it possible just with small piece of
the V5 wich i got from previous owner, or i will have to wait till i get my new V5 from DVLA. It has tax road and insurance. Thank you!

Best would be to check with your local garage, but I was never asked for any paperwork when doing MOT.

You don’t need a V5 to obtain an MOT

If you book it in then you’re covered to ride it to the MOT Test Centre without a current MOT. The MOT test centre needs to be reasonable close to where the bike is kept. You’ll need Insurance and a Road Fund Licence (tax disk).

edit: Just noticed you’ve got the required tax and insurance. Book it in with a local MOT Test Centre and ride it over there. You don’t need the V5 or the previous expired MOT.

You don’t need the V5 (or new owner tear off) for MOT. BTW without MOT your insurance is invalid anyway, but i’m sure you know this :slight_smile:

That’s not entirely true, read the policy small print. Most policy’s will allow a roadworthy vehicle to be ridden to a local test centre for the purpose of a booked in MOT Test. Although its probably better to avoid any collisions on the way :wink:

There will be issues if it fails the MOT test and you ride it back home :Whistling:

Basically you can drive an MOT expired, untaxed, SORN, roadworthy vehicle to and from a pre-booked MOT test (no stopping anywhere along the way - except for fuel & traffic lights) as long as the vehicle is covered by an insurance policy - not just the driver having DOC cover to drive other cars.
Best to read your insurance t&c but an insurance policy covers you to drive a ‘roadworthy’ vehicle - your car can have an MOT and not be ‘roadworthy’ i.e. driving with a bald tyre.

I guess the grey area is people driving around in vehicles without knowing whether they are ‘roadworthy’ or not due to their ignorance of mechanics or doing regular vehicle checks as per the vehicle manual.

So you could actually be driving an un-roadworthy vehicle to the MOT test where they will advise you of it failing on an item directly related to its ‘roadworthiness’ (they tell you about the bald tyre) you are then aware it is not roadworthy and not covered by your insurance policy to drive it back home.
If it fails on an MOT item which doesn’t directly relate to its ‘roadworthiness’ then you are allowed to drive it back home or to a place where the vehicle will be repaired - needs to be pre-booked.

My advice is;

  1. Get your MOT done in the 30 days before the current one expires.
  2. When booking an MOT make sure they take your name and registration (if you get pulled you need to provide written proof MOT was booked).
  3. If you have an old/unused vehicle you want to get back on the road then might be easier & cheaper to just get it trailered there & back by a local company.
  4. Get clued up on basic checks to do on your vehicle to check its roadworthy conditions.

For an SVA test you can even drive the vehicle without any number plates (insurance done on chassis number) - choose a route with lots of speed cameras!!!