MOT time

Booked the car in with Kwik-fit £30.00 for a while you wait appointment in and out fair play.

Booked the m’cycle in with Autoenhance £19.99 for a while you wait time slot, in and out fair play.

Won’t never use Kiki Fit again

Kwikfit in Hammersmith are good chaps. Steve and his crew.

“£30.00 for a while you wait appointment in and out fair play”

Is that “while you wait for us to fit 4 new tyres, exhaust, discs & pads” because they’re “below tolerance”?

Kwikfit is a joke… First and only time I went there they tried to rip me off… Told then to fook off

Nothing of the sort, just an advisory on the exhaust ‘rear exhaust box deteriorated’. The front tyres were down to +3mm of tread and not mentioned. Fair play in and out.

Now if you happen to have drive a car with all manner of bits wearing a little thin or, take them up on their free winter brake check then possibly expect a different story. My theory here is anybody who takes a vehicle in for an inspection, MOT aside, must have some thought of something somewhere requiring replacement, they wouldn’t be doing their job if they didn’t find it and we’re not just talking about Kwik-fit here.