anyone know a good place that will pass an integrated tail light?

im currently at collins in NW16 but Brian told me the bike will fail because of the integrated tail light.

Depends how far your willing to go I never had problems at power biking in Wycombe, does your light flash amber and the reds stay lit?

I wouldn’t worry about a MOT everyone knows it’s just a saying lol

LewisR6 got his passed ok, pm him cos i aint got a clue where it was :slight_smile: it was near brands hatch

just a heads up, if you know a MOT place which is less strict PM the member the name. Dont post it on here. My local MOT tester told me that they are getting lots of random visits checking they are doing things by the book.

Give Rhalf lo Tuorco a call at SBK… he did mine two weeks ago. Not integrated tail light, but he’ll be able to tell you if his MOT guy will let it through…

Rhalf was a member on here, but his garage is 0207 4805775, Hessel Street in the East End

Hey if Toby’s bike past your laughing mate, take there quick before the MOT bloke regains his sight!

Flats. you’re on thin ice fella :smiley:

If you don’t mind the ride, try:

Uralmoto (UK) Ltd
Unit 9
Blue Chalet Industrial Park
London Road
West Kingsdown TN15 6BQ 01474 855 662

About a mile past Brands on the right if you’re heading for Dover.

These guys are independent Harley dealers so deaf as a post for “special” exhausts, easy on lights as long as there’s one on the front/one on the back and they work without dazzle and they look right.

Pretty bloody thorough on everything else, so no “dogs”.

I ended up going to a place literally 2 mins from where I was. They were fine with my smaller number plate and integrated tail light. My headlights were not adjusted correctly and they sorted that all out for me too + MOT Pass.

Anyone want to know the place send me a PM.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Thats where I take all my bikes! Top guys. Let you off on the silly things, but sensible on the others