MOT Test Station?!

Can anyone recommend an MOT testing station between Peckham and Highgate? I know it sounds an odd request but tomorrow is my last day of grace on my road tax, I haven’t got an MOT and I’ve got to go to Highgate on business, so I really need to get it all done in one day!!

I know I should be more organised!

I need help?

Essential Rubber:,-3.647461&sspn=16.725074,36.782227&ie=UTF8&ll=51.538141,-0.087161&spn=0.017297,0.03592&z=15&iwloc=A

Nice one! Thanks.

**** hell theres a name i aint seen for a while!!! :smiley:

Hello Mate! How’s tricks? I moved away from London for 2 years but now I’m back. It was nice to see my account was all still up and running. Still got the R1 I see!! You gonna be at Borough Market tonight?

Yes Dan still got the R1 im in no position to be buying new bikes besides i still love it… wont be down tonight maybe in the next few weeks or so I’ll come and say hello if i see ya, you still making the tunes??