MOT - need help - QUICK

Hi Guys,

i am looking for an MOT test station that is a little lenient when it come to us bikers who like trick parts. i love my bike and it is in prestine condition, BUT i have flush indicators, small indicators, and integrated tail light. mechinically the bike is sound but i want to avoid taking all the bits and bobs off to put back to stock.

for the last 3 years i have it MOT with the same parts on from a mate but he is not around at the garage anymore so PLEEEEEEEEASE lt me know of a garage in the London area that will ignore these add-ons. appreciate it would be best to PM the details.

would really appreciate it guys, am in need here! will put up my story later today as to why…

There are quite a few understanding MOT places scattered about.

Which bit of London are you interested in fella?

I am based in Stratford E15, but as you can imagine would be willing to travel a little if i have to - really hope your gonna make my day bro - sounds like a very positive response :slight_smile:

I know of one in Cheshunt which is half hour or so north of you. I hear there is one in Dalston that is quite cool:cool:

Wot are banjax like? they are nr commercial rd i belive.

Citroen MOT Centre in Darent Industrial Park - Erith - they are nice to bikes, but you do need to book in advance. I’ve had no issues ever.

chas bikes se1 see chas

scooter works se16 see lawrance good chap

essential rubber see mick n1 downhan road

Southern Cross Motorcycles, Kilburn.

hi guys, i ended up going to chas bikes - it was not easy and lots of begging involved! argh.