MOT amnesty

In case you have not yet seen or heard about it, if your bike or car is due its MOT after the 30th of March, you will get a 6 month amnesty

Full link to the DVSA advice below … march-2020


Nice one TC, I hadn’t heard. trying to self isolate myself from the News :wink:

Are garages on Johnson’s list of non-essential shops? A timely reminder for me to get the front tyre sitting in the garage fitted, I’m thinking I need two fronts on the Ford too.

Great, because mine was due one soon…

Yes garages are on essential list

Garages are exempt, work should be restricted to key workers and to ensure others’ vehicles are roadworthy for essential needs (basic shopping etc.)

i assume road tax is not extended

No but you may want to consider whether or not SORNing is to your benefit


I am actually sorn-ing :confused:

Good point. I put mine on the battery conditioner today, I can’t imagine I’ll be riding it any time soon.

They refund full months so make sure you sorn before Wednesday

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Yup, I SORN’d just before the end of Feb.