Most reliable weather checker for a weeks time

if there is one, is there a good place to check the weather for next week thats usually fairly accurate??

Don’t be a wimp!

Ride no matter the weather… ! HARDCORE!!!

Doesn’t exist, you might as well consult a pine cone…

I washed the bike on Saturday, that means that it will rain

i do! just need to know

At the risk of sounding like a total geek…try the Met Office Web Site.

Alternativly, move to my homeland of Scotland. No need to check the forecast when you live there…it’s sure to rain and be feckin’ freezin’! Problem solved. :slight_smile:

Metcheck are very good, usually at least up to a week anyway.

metoffice supply both metcheck and the BBC with weather reports…

i normally keep an eye on all 3!!

pressure systems can tell you alot, ie whats ahead and heading our way, but at the same time they can change rapidly!

high pressure= sunny bright and in winter cold, ie frosty/icy

low pressure= wind rain and cloud! or overcast blustery condtions.

bbc weather is usually wrong so im not holding much hope here but i’ll give it a go!


they are but sometimes they are right, best is to watch all 3 and make a decision as close to the time of whatever it is your doing…

ie if im fishing i will check the night before, adn first thing in the morning to see if anythings changed.

bbc are always wrong - they say its gonna be hot an sunny, instead you get a tornado! :doze:

Devsta don’t worry about the weather - just take the bus. Might be quicker than a 125 anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

…cue backlash from Stevie Ramone on behalf of all 125’s everywhere…:smiley:

i check the weather channel ( and thats been accurate for me.




i have given up on weather forcast in the UK… in Greece we can predict the weather with better accuracy,

in the UK the climate is such that futher into the future you go the less accurete the prediction.

Now i just assume itll rain until the day (or even the morning before)

A medium is what you need!!

But Greek weather is pretty unchangeable compared to the UK - you can’t say your weather forecasters are more accurate!

it is still a prediction… just that it is more stable doesnt mean they dont get it wrong :wink:

Send an email to the man upstairs. Then again he may change his mind a week down the line. :smiley: