Most irritating domestic appliance.

O.K. Lets put the wives/partners to one side before we answer, please.

Not sure whether to nominate the vacuum cleaners for their noise. (For some reason we have four of different sizes. All too noisy and effing irritating noise at that.)

But on balance, the food processor. I asked Jamie Oliver for his advice and he told me to get Mrs. O a " Magimix". (He would. He gets his for free.)

What a pain in the b*m. Works so well it does what you want in seconds. Then takes ages to clean and you risk losing finger tips on the razor sharp blades.

I hate this machine.


They burn the toast or it doesn’t pop up.

Currently banned at Jet HQ & we’ve gone back to using the grill.

We inherited a gas cooker with the new house and decided to keep it as it is an old but posh model and seemed somehow better than the one we had before. Trouble is it is so hot you can’t leave anything on it for five minutes to go and quickly post on LB without burning it to mush. We’ve abandoned it now at the bottom of the garden and gone back to using a pile of burning twigs.

The WIFE… Fecking thing keeps breaking down and refusing to do stuff! (WIFE = Washing Irong F**king Etc…) :D:P

Only joking peeps! :wink: I find the most annoying thing is the dish washer. I’ve only used it twice in the last six months and it’s as noisy as hell! :crazy:

Jamie Oliver. He is the most annoying domestic prick off the lot. Self righteous wankstain that he is.

PMSL :hehe:

WASHING MACHINE. once that goes on there`s no watching telly in the kitchen. the last spinny bit- horrendous noise!!!

Our fridge “talks” irritating bloomin noise that goes on for ever. Also dishwasher when it dislodges an item then clonks against it.

is it like a low grunting noise, like a grumpy old man muttering to himself??? if so, i know that noise.

The electric can opener …reasons , kept jamming on the tin ,I had to cut a can of beans free from the thing with a hacksaw … Its now in the bin .

get a miele! - i inherited one that i think is around 10 years old and its so quiet i have to go check to see if its finished

The washing machine makes one hell of a noise on the quick spin section; and the extractor fan in the bathroom is loud as hell and turns off 20 minutes after you turn the light off - regardless of how long you’ve had the light on. Annoying as hell.

My oven is irritating, everything gets burnt. Or am I just a crappy cook.

freebitchbaby That twenty minute overrun on the extract fan is usually adjustable. Depends what make/model you have*, but on most, you take the cover off and there’s an adjustment screw for the timer.

Mines set on about four of five seconds.

(* Most handbooks are available on line.)

if the w/m bounces around, all u need to do is level the maching by adjusting the legs.

as already said, you can adjust the timer on the fan. If it cant be done then I’ll pop by and bypass the timer for ya. will take a couple minutes :slight_smile:


It is a damn inane high pitched tinkling noise that gets right under my skin!!!

Shame the blasted thing is so reliable

cant u google the fridge model and see if ther’s a way to turn ot off or at least make it quieter?:ermm: