Most interesting comment re Maxijak

Came across a forum site on the web with posts some time back and one guy was considering buying a Maxijak from a dealer and asked what people thought. Well there were some negative comments, some with no idea and some who went on about pieces of wood etc.
Then one guy said,
I do track days and have a Maxijak and I hear all the comments about using this and that and why buy a Maxijak. Well the thing is when I am at circuits it’s amazing how many other riders want to borrow mine.

Generally if you are going to post praise about products and claim supporting quotes, attributing them would make them look believable and not just self promotion.

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I was a bit miffed with myself that I did not note the site, however I am sure if somebody wishes to confirm what I say a good search will find it. I do intend to find it again myself.

I pondered about whether to post this or not. I visited the site when you first put it up so the below is from memory and may be flawed, or may have changed

The thing is this product may be the best thing in the world, or just another gadget.

We’ll never know and there’s one reason.

You are not a salesperson Ronaldo. At least not online

You may have great mechanical skills but in terms of business nous, you need a lot of help.

First of all, the way you are trying to sell it is archaic. Very few (if any) will buy from visiting a website that doesn’t have a shop function.

Asking people to email you is one big hassle and these days even the most basic seller will have this functionality from day one.

At the very least offer the option for people to buy on eBay… with a link redirecting to your shop there.

Secondly your communication skills are poor. Your website is riddled with Grammatical errors, punctuation issues and a very basic layout.

But most troubling, you cannot really articulate clearly and well the key selling points of this product. The copy on the website is difficult to read and not really selling it

On price, you say the items are reduced in price (due to cosmetic defect) but we have no idea what from, or any evidence that it’s a real reduction. We also have no idea what this defect looks like, so what is one buying?

Whilst I did think some of the comments you got on other thread were harsh, the way you reacted to them was terrible, particularly when you’re trying to convince people online to part with cash. You might think it’s just defending of your good name but actually it makes you come across as argumentative and as a person you wouldn’t want to deal with if you had a complaint.

I think because you created this and it’s your baby, you think everyone will see it instantly the same way and it shocked you when people didn’t.

Honestly I think your best option here is to try to sell to trade or perhaps you can build rapport with people at shows etc. Selling direct to the public online is a different game entirely.

You either need to work on your pitch or get some help on this aspect of running a business.

I wish you well in trying to sell it and hope you’ll take some of the feedback above on board.


Hi Serrisan,
Thanks for your reply, I will certainly have a long think about the points you make and appreciate your time in looking at where I could improve things. The company that originally marketed the product totally messed up so that did not help and as these have been in storage for some time they have marks on the finish nothing more. The original price was £69-99p so they are well discounted and as for the site it is early days.
Just to say, like you if somebody has something to say be constructive not like a certain person calling me a monkey boy. thanks again for your comments.

Came across the site under maxijak wheel tool re my post

Move on MB it’s getting boring

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