Morrrrrrrrrning !!!

Morning One and All.

Lovely start to the day with a Blat through Town on the almost deserted roads ! (the cagers must have all suffered heatstroke yesterday) and now London is on the move with a spot on service.

Words of warning…The heat is not going to relent under London today so anyone taking a Tube for any reason, at any time of the day then take a bottle of water just in case your journey is delayed. Stand Clear of the Doors and Mind that bloody Gap and all that pallava !!!

Have a good day LB,ers and Stay Safe !!!

Have a good one Barro and don’t work too hard. I’m just off to bed after a quietish night but still knackered. Hopefully it won’t be too hot today so I can get some needed kip !

Catch ya all later and have a nice day everyone !

Morning Barro, Morning Trojan, Morning all…

Good night last night… nice to meet some new people and see some old faces…

its supposed to rain a bit today but i am in the office today…

Morning LB. Much cooler this morning, traffic flowing nicely on the way into town. Well it was at 07:00 when I came in.

morning peeps…

Morning all…

nice and cool today

hello everyone. I get my bike back tonight, yipeee!

morning all,

back from jockland now, 5 1/2 hours in a van on the motorway in that heat yesterday! it wasnt pretty!
gutted i missed the summer bash but i did make it to knockhill for the BSB at the weekend so not all bad!!

have a good day!

Good morning one and all

It rained a bit here last night and at least there is a bit of a breeze today!!!

Have a good day…

Good morning all!

Goood morniing all!

Barro is that really true that people do fall into that gap? I can’t believe that