morning all!

Riding in the mo-orning su-u-un,
I’ll be ri-iding when the evening comes.
Watching the ships roll in,
And I’m off to see my accountant tonight again.

Morning all, have a good BM. I can stongly recommend the Fazenda Passeio Brazillian - coffee that is :hehe:


Morning all!

What a lovely day! Glad I have a day off to enjoy the sunshine :hehe::D:hehe:

Enjoy BM tonight!


Loving the weather - off to the O*****e tonight :wink:

Appparently, Terry’s so tough, old boots are made from his dandruff :smiley:

Morning all, and if anyone was the rider on a VFR who pulled up next to me just as I was belting out the falsetto bit of the Isley Brothers’ Summer Breeze this morning, sorry.

Blowing through the Jasmin in my mind.

Morning all. Lazy start for me…

Morning all:D Was thinking about the coast run today with the kent people but sitting at David Lloyd typing this while daughter plays tennis,kids,who’d have them!!!

Aiming to escape to BM later:D

Hoping this works, given up on Internet Explorer 8 and using Opera for LB.

Me and Ali-cat off to Frittenden in a tick and then if I’m lucky Laguna Performance Centre in Ashford.

Might be at BM or Oakdene tonight.