Morning all

Went to bed at 10pm, woke up at 1am and couldnt get back to sleep as i have man flu. Have a great day today guys.

Mornin…last night shift for me :slight_smile: Gonna be heading off to cornwall later today with the missus. Anice lil test run for the mellowbeast (bike not missus lol)


Morning all :slight_smile: What a great day today . . . :stuck_out_tongue: I T ’ S F R I D A Y ! :smiley:

Goooooood morning all LBers, the week-end has started:D:D:D

Morning all, sat here eating my porridge with some golden syrup. Will head to the Ace after work so see you all there.

Good morning all.

I was dying from man flu the last few days even managed to get beded down for a day because of it, not too bad now though but ive still got abit of a cold.

morning all, have a good day:D

Morning all from darkest Northern Lincolnshire… Had a lovely ride up yesterday, bike was doing some 57mpg and I was not hanging around. Not bad for a nice 955i triple. (97.4 miles on 7.74litres). Woohooo! Lovely 200 miles of riding and only two mad BMW car drivers in this space.

morning all:)

Morning all,anyone passing Scotland Yard,give me a wave at the front:D

Good morning, all! :slight_smile:

Morning all

Being a cager this morning, just driven to Peterborough.

See you at the Ace tonight

Morning all :slight_smile: Woohoo, it’s finally friday, roll on 1 o’clock

See some of you at the Ace later :smiley:

good morning all


Morning - the weekend has started :slight_smile:

:Dmorning people! :smiley:

Good Morning!! (or Moaning dependant on some):wink:

Looks like a nice day but ive just been sick everywhere and got an ear infection for the last 3 days… (thought it got better yday on my ride, prob cos i cudnt hear anything afterwards but thought that was due to the noisy exhaust next to me) so wont be going work or uni… instead visiting doctors… still might have a lil whizz around the roads…

Loves me! :slight_smile: :kiss:

Morning all - hope you get over the flu quick John :wink: :slight_smile:

i thought dive in and say morning… :slight_smile: