I’ll let someone else do role call, I’m too tired… hope you all slept safe and sound in bed, I’m just off home to sleep…

Moring :slight_smile:

Morning all.

Good morning and goodnight! :smiley:


is it me or does it look abit dark out there? :ermm:

Morning all, does look a bit dark out!! :doze:

Morning all!:smiley:

morning people!! have a nice day!:cool:

Good morning LB

Tally Ho, chaps! Bit gloomy, innit? At least it’s dry. Have a good day all and stay safe out there.

oh good morning all! looks a bit dreary here…

Morning all, time to saddle up and head out to Victoria.

Stay safe

Morning All! Yep tis gloomy alright, but its warm, dry and pretty quite on the roads.:slight_smile:

Morning all.

Had to get the train in this morning. Never mind, I’ve got a decent book!

Have a good one.

Morning! Ah, time off and summer. It is summer isn’t it?

Morning all…could be worse…could be wet :w00t:

think what bit of summer we had has gone:doze:

Good Morning you lovelies

Today I shall be packing:D

Have a good and safe day:cool:

good morning!!!

2 more days and then I will be on holidays!!!


Morning all, yes, a bit dreary, but roads are dry and a lovely ride to work. Two days to go and my family are back from their 4 week holiday with the Grand Parents in Hungary

Pip pip!

Not on the bike today. I have two days left on my extortionate Travelcard, so I intend to get my money’s worth… damn you, Teddington, for being so far out!

Have a good day, all. :slight_smile: