Well I shouldn’t have bothered. Got on the M40 with nowhere to hide and the heavens opened good n proper, it was tipping down with hailstones thumping the hell out of me. Got off at Beaconsfield and headed home to pick the car up, oh what a surprise, no rain at all here in Ealing… Everything’s drenched right through, and I can’t be bothered to head back to High Wycombe, it can wait until tomorrow now. :angry:

To top it off someone’s gone into the back of Mark as well. :pinch:

Is he ok?

He’s ok, he isn’t one to complain about pain but he is having trouble with his neck, he was stationery and she must’ve been doing some speed… the damage to her b’fs car isn’t a pretty sight. It pays to have a tow bar :smiley: Luckily he was in the van not on the bike.


recovering from a planned 2 night stag do to Ibiza which descended into a 6 day extravaganza.

needless to say i’ve not even looked at the bike let alone ridden it yet.

LOL sounds like you over indulged :smiley:


still got the shakes here in the office as i type.

my boss is less than impressed.

oh well was a good idea at the time


Did you beat the 20min target?

PM sent


evening all :slight_smile: