Morning all!! I’m back on my bike for the day while i drive it down to the garage. Must say i’ve missed riding soooooo much. Even pulled an accidental power wheelie down ladbroke grove this morning:hehe:

Morning H! Nice day for it.

Keep them shiny side up, everybody.


BRILLIANT ride in this morning. Morning my loverlies.

Morning all,lovely and sunny in Essex.Just trying to get petrol lawn mower going,got a damn good sweat going,sitting down for a rethink now:angry:


I thought you’d have a ride-on with electric start to do the paddock;):smiley:

Sadly not,given up for the mo and its getting very grey too!!!

This side of essex is looking awful the sky aint grey its thundercloud black!:crazy:

Sunny Epping is now very wet!!!

So is Grays now:doze: bloomin weather

Cheshunt is, at the moment, basking in sunshine:cool:

Watch that change in 5 minutes:P

Morning or maybe too late :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh dear, it actually looks like we’re talking about the weather! :stuck_out_tongue:

Shropshire is very hot but keeps raining

Though I’d join in with the weather report.

Good… afternoon now! :smiley:

…accidental my arris


Good afternoon.