Caught out this morning by the closure of Victoria Embankment?Bike was running at 110c almost all the way!!! DAMN THEM!

MInd you, I was rebelling today by wearing only jeans to ride in! (naughty naughty) but it wasnt like I was going anywhere fast!:D:P

morning morning :slight_smile:

I’m lucky don’t work in the centre :stuck_out_tongue:

Always wear your gear m8 ! The day I dropped my bike leathers helped and I wasn’t going fast either and went only for 0.5 mile ride.

I normally do - no matter how far I go - I think it actually looks quite good!

It wasnt a temperature thing - my back was feeling a bit sore this morning so i didnt fancy struggling to get into my clobbers!

But yeah - point taken - I always roll my eyes when I see other idiots not wearing the correct gear…what a hypocrite I am!!:stuck_out_tongue:

morning, bootifull out there! :smiley:

Good morning one and all. Nice ride in this morning. Did the jeans only bit yesterday as I was at a conference and knew there would be nowhere to change. Just meant that I rode a damn side slower and was uber alert. Paid off too as there were several numpties on my 8 mile round trip. At least I managed to convince a salesman at the show that a motorcycle was the only way to get around London with any degree of freedom or speed. Also, you get there with a grin on your face!:smiley:

actually i did same thing this morning, just wearing jeans to work

case of 15 mins to get leather trousers on, 15 mins to get them off, and it only takes me 15 mins to ride to work!!!

:w00t: What takes so long ?

Morning all, lovely day, shame I am stuck in the office, roll on Friday :D:w00t:

Think I’d rather spend 15 mins putting all my gear on than have half my skin on the road after an off :wink:

True True.

But we’ve all done it havent we? Me balls have been cooped up under layers and layers of stuff all winter - not its time to set them free and feel the wind!!!:smiley:

gingers good at that… :ermm:

is that what is causing all the traffic! I could not understand where it had all come from…

It takes him 10 minutes to remember how he got them on the last time, then 5 minutes to get them on! Same again when he takes them off!:P:w00t::P:w00t::stuck_out_tongue: I’ve tried telling him to carry some simple instructions, but he won’t listen!:P:P:PRR:D

hello! MY DAY OFF TODAY :smiley:

and what lovely weather for it, bye, off on the bike :smiley:

Jammy GIT!:stuck_out_tongue:

Just about to head off out on the bike also! :smiley:

I love being self-employed!!!:w00t:

why dont ya buy a pair of draggin jeans :wink: look jus as good as jeans, can be washed, and are kevlar lined so will save your skin if ya come off

Yeah - I saw them at excel - but I honestly dont make a habit of going out in just jeans to warrant buying them.

wont happen again:ermm: