What a crisp morning but at least its sunny. morning all, long time no see

what a fine morning it is here, today at work they only have two supervisors worki9ng today so i come in this morning at 3qam to be told im not going out but satying behind in the office to debreif drivers as one supervisor is doing morning the other doing lates but they need someone to debreif the driver’s

so here i am stuck in a office and not even the first drivers back, the last one will probably be about 4pm this avo

so think of me while riding your bikes

unhappy ginger

Good morning everyone, what a new start to the day :smiley: have a good weekend everyone.

Morning Gina.
Morning Paul.

Good morning to everyone. I’m stuck at work today so please enjoy yourself today. See you on rideout tomorrow.


bit bright is’nt it!:smiley: off out to help my mate dan revive her SR collection! see if we can get teh two-fify running! getting fed bacon rolls too!:P:D

Morning all.

Taken the kids to swmming, topped the car with oil and replaced wiper blades, going to the outlaws for lunch.