Good morning everyone and what a chilly one.

Morning Gina.
Morning Paul.

Good morning Sony, ah! that’s why my central heating came this morning.

Morning all:)

morning all lb’s

morning gina

morning sony

morning all, have a nice day

Corr…u lot sound like the Waltons !!! :smiley:

Morning Mary Ellen :stuck_out_tongue:

Morning Jimbob :wink:

Morning all, where’s John boy?!? :wink:

Should be a nice day for a ride to Norfolk, apart from last night I’ve not been out on the bike since Sunday and that was only a quick trip across town, I’m looking forward to getting out on some open stretches of road with some nice corners… :smiley:

morning all :slight_smile: nice to see the meet was a bit busier than last time

Good day all :wink: