Good morning all

It`s Friday and time to start enjoying the weekend.

Good morning everyone

Yes it’s friday but what a wet start to the the weekend

Morning Gina

good morning sony!!!
good morning jp!!!
good morning paul!!

wat a wet one it is!!!dont forget your waterproofs today!!!

Morning All!

Ride safe on them wet roads this morning

Morning, it’s pising down here, the insurance company have nicked my bike, the shop gave it to them without even letting me know, not even asking me, Bennetts are a bunch of kob jockies, especially their legal team, what a shower of sh*te ! Maybe it’s a sign

good morning all LB’S

morning gina and adam h

morning jp

looks like we have some heavy rain coming

‘knob jockies’ haven’t heard that in ages … made me giggle

Morning all !


Hello team. Looks like a bloody awful weekend on the way so get out those wellies and stay safe.

Cor blimey and i thought I signed on early Morning every one

i think id rather take a chance out in the rain on a bike then get back on that bloody underground some people are like little kids pushing and shoving

Good morning all.

Morning all, lovely wet one Lets hope things improve

Morning all! A lovely grey day and stuck in the jam behind a crash in the blackwall tunnell! WOO! What a way to start the day!

Universal Salvage are going to bring the bike back and Zenith are going to make them pay for any additional damage ! Fortunate I took pictures of both sides.

You said on an earlier thread that your bike was written off… I’m confuddled now

The bike shop stopped counting parts at £4200 so they declared it a total loss. Although I’ve informed the insurance company of the loss I am claiming from the local council first as they were negligent in the way the road was repaired and where the signs were placed. If that fails then I will claim from the insurance company but they jumped the gun a bit and instructed Universal Salvage to collect the bike and auction it off. Universal, according to the bike shop, sent an idiot to collect it with a crane, wrapped a chain around the bars and lifted it onto the lorry allowing it to scrape and smash against the side of the lorry.

Morning All

Glad your getting things sorted Slarty!

The trouble with going down the road of claiming against the council is that can take you forever and a day if not longer

In the meantime will you be bikeless?

I wish you luck mate, make sure you keep on top of them

The ZX6R arrives in 10 days or so, couldn’t bear to be bikeless this summer, although the weather today does suggest I may have been a little hasty I’ve already told the council I’m happy to take it to court, will be claiming interest too from a week or so, the advice I had from a friend who’s a solicitor is that I have a good case, the council may pay it to save any further costs or they might argue but their costs increase faster and will go higher than mine.