Morning all, horrible weather but hey-its Friday! Yay!
Have a good day all

Morning Friday oh yes!

good morning all

still alive so thats got be a good thing!!!

be safe all - roads are very slippery!!!

Mornin peeps; yep definately slippy - just seen someone getting a little sideways outside - keep it rubber side down and safe out there!!

well im of work today so its cool,if anyone is going to high beach tomorrow see you there

I’m off too, waiting for the rain to stop so I can get my oil changed. Could be a while…

Shiny side up, everybody!

morning all - on the bus today but he ho it could be worse!!!

Good morning all you saddlers …

Good Morning all… Im looking forward to the weeeeekend

Hello All. I love this time of the year, the softly falling drizzle, the dazzling headlights and loooooong breaking distances and the heady yet intoxicating smell of diesel on the roads.

Take care out there!!!

morning all,

and my word/phrase for today…

“happy biker”

flyby did you say a bus,one of them red things,i have not been a bus since i left school,
more so then as my dad was a bus driver at wood green.
so that would be 25yrs since i have been on a bus.

i to am getting my oil changed at my mates kieth’s place in kings cross(moto-serv) so should make high beach about 12ish

good morning all be safe out there one and all. I’ll be heading down to Babyj shop later must remember to leave my cards at home HAHA

good morning all, Roll on Sunday


Morning folks!

I just bumped into another LBer at a set of traffic lights, so that’s made my morning. Always nice to see another friendly (and sleepy) face first thing

Anyone going to the Ace later?

what time you had in mind Keti

morning all, off today, have a good day

Yawn … morning … is it … ?

A teensy bit hung over this morning … that’ll be the red wine celebrations last night …

Ride safe … where’s the blue sky gone … boooooooo … more coffee please JZ !

good morning all ,may all have a great n safe day

Mornin you luverley people . . .

Happy Friday to y’awl . . . the weekend is just around the corner . . .

Barely room for me in the house what with gridgirls huge grin still taking up so much space lol