Morning all

Found this whilst googling. Looks like just the type of forum I was after. I’ve just done my DAS, about a week ago in fact, and will be buying a bike in September, am getting married and going on honeymoon in between now and then so no chance to get one just yet.

Can’t wait to get out there. I’m from North London, Finchley to be exact so a forum full of locals is ideal. Not sure what to get for my first bike, so far I’m thinking a Honda CB600 or a Suzuki SV650 - still deciding!

Anyway, look forward to getting stuck in

Cheers, Ben

welcome to the site Ben! it certainly sounds like you have your hands full for a month or so…

both those bikes are good fun, also i hear the z750`s are rather good…:stuck_out_tongue:

Hello & welcome, good luck with wedding, honeymoon and bike buying!!! busy times ahead for you :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

hi and welcome :wink:

Welcome! :slight_smile:

I’m a recent passer, too - and can heartily recommend the SV650 Sport!

Hi and welcome aboard

Your not far from me as i live in East Barnet.


sort ya priorities out mate its


  2. wedding…if you must

  3. pi$$ up…oops honeymoon

welcome to Lb :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome busy boy :smiley:

Got to love google :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello & Welcome

Welcome to LB