Found the site from a link to the Cannonball Bike article, checked out the forum and waddya know - it’s okay!

Am 26, based in N16, ride a GSX-R 600 to work in the City, and get out of London as often as I can to ride it properly on some nice open roads. Really into motorsport and work at a law firm. And thats about it.

Have heard mates mention a meet @ Waterloo so expect I will join in one Wednesday, as I guess this is the one he goes to.

See ya round


Hey fella, welcome to LB! Yep, Cubana in Waterloo is our meet every Wednesday night, come along and meet the gang, we’re all friendly. Post up a picture of your ride in the Pictures forum as well!

Welcome to LB from one newbie to another…

…enjoy the poke with the newbie stick !

Hi and welcome to LB.

Dont miss out on the Newbie meet at the Ace on the 2nd October

Hello and welcome…


Welcome to LB

poke poke with the newbie stick




I’m a newbie too, hoping to go to the Ace on 1st of Oct.

Welcome to LB; get yourself out on a rideout with us and the newbie meet is the 2nd!

Keep it safe.

Ace Cafe sounds good.

When I was doing my DAS the instructor had a sense of humor, he took 4 of us on 125’s, yellow vests and all to the Ace on a Sunday afternoon for lunch! Still you gotta start somewhere…

Hope to see some of you down there, will check the thread.


Welcome to lb not been here long myself, there a good bunch see ya soon



He always says that!!

Hi there …I’m another newb (less than a week …ahhhh!!) and it’s really here

welcome from one newbie to two others poke poke poke

Hallo dere.I hope you enjoy ze site.Vellcom.