Morning LB

Morning People !!

Whats the plans for today ?

Morning mate

Have o have my bike serviced and new front tyre done this morning.

Morning everyone.

Already at work but am going to finish at 2pm

Mornin all, got dentist - bloody toothache grrrr

just got in from nights and i am on a ‘quickswing’ shift: back on at 16:00

then 5 days off!

Sues dragging me shopping for plants today, going to crews hill


morning all, everyone enjoy there weekend??? Sun, bike and alcohol (not before riding though) so i did!!

Morning all!

It’s all work work work for me today

Morning All,

back to boring old work today :frowning: but at least traffic was light on way in this morning sp had a nice ride.

Hoping I can get some enthusiam later on when I get home to do something constructive rather than just veg in front of tv…


Today am at work, and will probably spend most of the day asleep under my desk…am soooo tired from yesterday! Ha ha!

Morning Peeps!

Well the office is proper quiet, loadsa folks have taken mega long weekend mini breaks. Had a lovely ride into work. Can wait for tomorrow night!

Have a good day y’all


I can hear my new baby calling me all the way from On Yer Bike in Westcott !!! Sods law I bet the weather is crap on Thursday

Sooooooo Excited

morning all…off out with the dogs for a couple of hours then out for a spin down to oakdean for a full slap mmmmmmm!

Mawning - oops afternoon!

Lovely weekend, nice and sunny again today, but i’m at work, on the upside finally got Internet access again so should be online a bit more now!!

Hope you all have a lovely rest of the day - weathers supposed to be fine til weekend at least - yay!!

Off to look at two bikes tonight…

Afternoon peeps, my plans for today are sit in doors and see how many packs of crisps i can eat b4 getting ill