morning gang!!!!

have a good one today!!!

morning jp!!
morning sony!!!

morning the rest of u!!!

Morning everyone.

Morning Gina

morning all

and you G

Morning Gina and all

Hope you have a good and safe ride today.

Morning ! Nice day today, sun is shining, sky is blue again and all I have to buy today is a new battery for the bike Cheaper than the last few days, I feel like changing my name to mastercard

Good Morning EVERYONE!!

Wonderful Morning and finally some good news on the TV!!

morning all LB

morning gina

Morning chaps ! Left JZ in bed this morning boooooo !

Have a good day

good morning everyone hope your day goes all ok

Morning Peeps

Sun is out atm but they promise rain for later boo

Morning everybody!!!

The car is being fixed, the bike test is 2 days away and I just had the most sexy sausage sandwich ever!!

Happy days!!!

Mornin Campers!

Have a good day and I shall see you tonight…I hope!

Good moaning

Hope everyone is well and riding about safely out there Hopefully you can all make it tonight.

GP xx

Good morning all you happy LB’ers.

Have a goodun and keep it rubber side down peeps.


Morning all! Good blast out to Reading this morning!

Working here for a couple of days so won’t see you tonight.

Stay safe!