morning from sunny hampshire

morning all, though it was time to say hi again. Been enjoying it down here out of london, beating the millions of wanna be boy racers lights to lights :smiley:

on a crappier side my house got flooded over the weekend so im living pretty much upstairs while the floors downstairs are drying out. Spare rooms filled with everything from downstairs n looks like we’ve just moved in. The damp smell sucks so I cant even use my lounge. Oh well

Jislaaik… Not good. Get some dehumidifiers in place, insurance should offer you those asap! Get onto them and get it sorted or you will have issues with health in this cold weather. If you have young un’s with you, they have a duty to get them in fast!

nah bru humidifiers are in place already and floors have been ripped up. theyre comming back on monday to assess. Ya I had my son over the weekend lol but upstairs is ok. How was ur trip boet?

Brilliant. Had a great time catching up with family and friends and a couple of huge braai’s with seriously lekker meats and wors. 2kgs boerewors from local butchers which was absolutly superb! The steaks were tender and done perfectly by my niece. Really really really great to have some sunshine (rained a lot while I was there, but warm rain.) Temps stayed over 22C and it was nice to defrost and relax. Chilled out!:smiley:

nice, sounds awesome. Wish I had the guts to move back

Did I mention the ribs. really nice marinated ribs, juicy and lots of meat! Oh man, soooo nice.

I’d not move back if you paid me to be honest. Things are too 3rd world and just not stable enough economically or politically. Still the usual, no job because you are white and so what if you have all the qualifications and experience. My brother is running 2 jobs because his manager has not got a clue and his counterpart (both paid more than him by a fair margin) does not have a clue. He does 3 months of work in 2 weeks to clear the decks for the other guy. No extra pay, no thanks. [email protected] all of them!

I know what u mean. Its a pity cause Id take my son n gf back with me. But hey there always new zealand I guess

Sorry to hear about the flooding, and good to hear you had great time makman. Mmmmmm ribs on the braai. :slight_smile: