morning everyone

hi everyone, newbie here and thought i best say hello. i live in sleepy sawbridgeworth , herts and currently ride a rkz busa, drz 400 sm and a gt200.soon to be forty in november so feel free to send prezzies.

Hi and welcome to the LBs


Welcome - nice to see you here

Whens the 40th party then - thats the only way to get the prezzie

Welcome to LB

Welcome over to LB ya old git took ya time getting here sweetheart !!!..all ya need to do now is activate your account.

This is a man that had to try a ride out (Pet Food Run) before he’d sign up…But he’s made it now that’s what counts.

He’s not a bad sort really, I just like to give him a bit of grief and he does to me in return too.

well, well, well, if it’s not me old mucker mate taz the hood

how do i activate my account ? im’e really a bit thick when it comes to puters.

Welcome, Busa boy, and do make use of the Protection Against Newbie Thumping Stick (P.A.N.T.S.) ready for when Da Artist (mwa!) comes along to give you a good poking with the newbie stick.

Hey Busa Boy, welcome to LB! Welcome to the DRZ club as well Hope to see you at our meets & rideouts!

welcome newbee…and happy birthday

Welcome to LB Busa Boy im slacking on my poking but here it goes…

Poke, poke n SLAP with my carbon, Xtra long newbie stick

Da Artist

Happy birthday and welcome to LB