Morning Everyone - Bikes falling over

I’ve just been for a quick smoke and seen a Ducati Multistrada that’s received some left hand side damage. It would appear that the side stand dug into the hot, soft tarmac enough for the bike to tip over, so I thought I’d just post a warning to everyone to take the soft tarmac into consideration when parking your bike up today.

It’s not often we get this problem in London and it’s already caught one unlucky biker out today.

That cookie cutter I got with my BikeSafe kit was put into good use yesterday. Others had more improvised ones, including flattened Fosters cans (not sure if it has to be Fosters, but for some reason 9 out of 10 bikers prefer it) and cat food tin lids.

Its the time of year to use a puck (or a bit of wood in my case). Tarmac is just not solid enough in these temperatures so please everyone take care. A simple puck is not an expensive item and can save you a repair bill.

Failing that a crushed beer can will suffice and I recomend drinking contents of beer can first.

Ahem Grasshopper.

Bear in mind the tarmac is soft long into the evening at times too. Found my AT listing alarmingly at gone 7 pm the other day - left it at about 6…

Centre Stands are no longer used? that is how I park my bike up in the parking bays… It does help to have one though…!

Doh, bet Mr Multistrada will be annoyed!

I could get a centre stand for mine (not standard equipment on the Africa Twin - to high) but then its not the easiest thing to put it on and off as its a long way up…

aka the London Eye

OUCH… Thats gotta hurt!