morning..crikey you are all lateup this morning...wakey wakey...

no one posted morning yet…its after 7…where are you all…still in bed shame on you…its friday bigt deal and dancing day…its also poets day of course.

Gooood moooooooorning LB’ers

Have fun, Stay safe

Morning everyone…i defo didnt want to get up ive only had 5 hours sleep…you caught my insomnia then 2 strokes!:smiley:

Stay safe everyone;)

Morning all, lovely ride in today :slight_smile: I am sure everyone else will be along soon :slight_smile:

yaaaawn…morning peeps friday at last :slight_smile:


Morning all, no one is here! :smiley:

morning morning all…

Bit chilly out there today wasn’t it!

Anyone else heading up the ace tonight?

Morning all,

Nice riding weather this morning.

Fingers crossed that the Westminster Parking works ok today and I don’t get another ticket.

Morning all. Think i saw my stolen bike again yesterday afternoon and I was in the car heading the other way… Abbey Wood area.

morning all.

stare at the cross the dots go green…

thanks Steve, starting the day cross eyed now


Morning, I’m glad to be back on the road today - its been a while. So “Move bitch - get out the way”! as Ludacris would say.

good morning




Morning all, good ride in - normally just walk it!


bonjour! :slight_smile:

Morning ! :slight_smile: Some of us have been at work for a while :w00t:

I am ere but only virtualy

I posted before 7 this morning.

Mornin’ 0