Morning campers

morning guys n girls. late one last night

good lord! i thought that was johnp with his shirt off again!, morning!

Morning!!! **** loads of work to do but systems gone down

tea break it is then

morning all

ive got no tea bags. loopy can i grab tea and 2 sugars please?

Morning all

as i say to this lot here… ‘sod off’


went over to tescos and got some tea bags. cheers gilly x you out tonight down bmm

Has anyone seen the weather forcast for Monday, its going to be roasting roasting with only a 3mph wind. Gonna get cooked on the Mayday run.

I am not a camper!

hey mate so whats that tent behind you? thanks for the other sunday upto oxford.nice ride out and good to meet you

you too - had a great time… that’s no tent behind me… that’s a ummm… awning… different thing al together!

tent,awning,sleeping bag,bivvy,some thing ha ha, fancy another big run maybe abroad, let me know mate.

will do!

afternoon campers and im finished!!!

just another 4 hrs for me

El Diablo - why are you dressed as a Gimp?

you crack me up Dont hold back luvvie - just ask away

good girl gp, right to the point thats the way i like it