morning all

cant sleep, broke a tooth when I had my accident, it became infected and now i have this horrible stuff in my mouth trying to clear it up…bloody awful…might still not be able to save the tooth though the dentist says…bugger…here’s hoping…

anyway good morning to one and all and el diablo.aka terry the gargoyle…

Good Morning


All the best wi’that tooth!


Morning, hope the tooth gets sorted soon

Morning all, bit of a wet one again today.

Stay safe


hope everyone has a good day though the weather looks shite:angry:

Morning! :slight_smile:

Morning morning :smiley:

morning people!

morning all get the pliers on ya toof 2T :slight_smile:

waterproofs at the ready, bike almost loaded should be heading sth france to the sun, still somersets closer :D:D

onward young man and dont spare the horses :slight_smile:

Mornin’ all.

All the best with the tooth.

+1 :smiley:


Morning all

Morning all. Nice ride in today.


Morning, ohh nasty tooth rot, better get it sorted one way or another.

I had to have emergency tooth removal and Kings College dental bit. There was this 7 stone student weakling climbing over my chest trying to pull the ****** out. It took 35 minutes before his tutor came over and had a go. 45 minutes in total - So now I go to the dentist rather than the free dental school. :smiley:

Oh and Strokes hows the development in the arm?

Morning all! Very quick journey in today, the A12 was almost empty. Where the feck is everyone? Not complaining, mind. :slight_smile:

Morning all :smiley: I’m all geared up for a bit of soggy camping!!