Morning all

Morning all, Im off to bed :smiley:

mornin…had a nightmare so im up…

am having a glass of hot milk then back to bed…;).


Morning all
Im awake because i cant get back to sleep.

Morning, I’m @ work until 08:00.:crazy:


Morning all sensible people who weren’t up as early as those above!

Have a good one. See some of you at BM tonight?

morning all:P:P

morning one and all, lovely n sunny today :slight_smile:

Monring all, what a beuatiful day today :cool: fab day for all of those booked on the track day at Silverstone today, have fun :smiley:

Good Morning you lovely people!

I hope you are well. I see we are in for another hot one! YAY!!!

If you are out and about stay safe.

Lots of Love


morning all watch out for me tomorrow I am driving a green fleet motor around london as a for a challenge to do with fuel economy


Hi Ho, it’s off to work I go :smiley:

Morning :wink:

:frowning: sorry to hear dude xMorning :D:w00t::hehe:Such a nice ride in too, this morning! NOBODY on the roads almost! It was like a scene from 28days later…

Morning! :smiley:

Another lovely day which begs the question: why am I at work?!? :w00t:

I may have to finish early, go home and get the bike out and trot along to Borough tonight…

Have a good one people.

Mornin ppls :slight_smile:

My office is in the background of that pic…sort off!

Funny Gabs it was like that the last time I walked home from a big night out at the Intrepid Fox, but then it was 6.00am on a Sunday morning so not surprising really! :w00t:

Good morning :slight_smile:

morning all

Morning all :smiley:

Morning(just):w00t: who turned the heating up? went to bed at 6 and it was nice and coolish…got up at 11 and flamin eck its to hot again!:blink: