morning all....

Been doing papperwork for work since 11pm…now on the last bit so finishing up now,and thought ide say good marning to all here…

god im so sleepy and need to snuggle in my bed so bad…but you’ll all be getting up soon…lol…thank god…last day today…

anyways…hope everyone has a good day…and be safe…;).

sleepy smiled:).

morning all :slight_smile:

Morning all
Looks likea nice day for riding.

Morning all, blue sky, warm sun, time to head to work and have some fun!

Tally Ho, chaps! Lovely sunny one, take it easy as the cagers’ heads will be full of “Friday!!!”, make sure yours isn’t. Shiny side up, now. :smiley:

Morning troops
beautiful blue sky this morning maybe a few showers this afternoon but generally looking good for today.
Should be at the Ace tonight, may even pop along to Poppins.

Have a good day and keep it safe.

good morning LB.

quiet day today as it’s the 4th of July.

I’ll mainly be getting the train to work for midday and having to take a client to lunch.

Hard job but somebody has to do it


Good morning all, hope you all have a good one


Hello Darrrrrrrlings!


Morning everyone:P woohoo its still warm and sunny:D

Good morning :smiley:

sunshining what more could we want:D:D:D. Have fun out there people;)



i guess you managed to get that 25K back then?:wink:

not QUITE but i cant do anymore damage if im getting hammered in Gaucho…:stuck_out_tongue:

:PI’ll have you know i was lightning quick to ‘volunteer’ for this afternoons ‘client liaison’ and ‘business development’ lunch/dinner/secrets/abacus meeting:D

Morning all.

Missed the ride in in the sunshine this morning as I was on the train. Never mind, I’m of to Sandown Park with our Trustees this afternoon for a spot of horse racing so it’s not all bad!

Dreadfull weekend to look forward to as well. I’m going to Twickenham to see Iron Maiden tomorrow, then off to Silverstone for the F1 GP on Sunday!

Have a great one.


morning Gringos

morning all

see a horrible crash involving two cagers this morning, one had the roof cut off…hope all involved are ok.