Morning all

Morning all

Happy Monday to you all, hope you have a good day today.

and a happy monday to u to jp!!!has the rain gone to your head lovey!!!

good morning gang!! have a great wet one and keep upright!!!


Weekends go too quick … work sucks

Have a good day y’all


Wish I was back in bed

Good Morning London Bikers …

Looks like another wet one

morning all, any need a jack up kit for a 600 bandit. got one sitting in my garage, im going bmm this week il bring it with me.

Morning all, bit soggy out there

I’ll have anything going for a bandit 600


I hate going to work

Especially when your sat having to watch the misery of Slough

Wet or nor I’d rather be on the bike than stuck in this office…roll on freedom.


Morning All.