Morning All!

Hi everyone…

Hope you had a great weekend. My journey into work this morning nearly involved me colliding with one tw*t of a van driver. But some heavy braking and last min swerve left me in one piece! He apologised and admited he wasn’t looking - so me, being me, politely gave him what for and told him to kindly look out for bikers, you c**t.

Have a great day everyone!!!

GP xxx


bbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddd must need bed.

Thank the good sweet lord its a four day week! and the great thing is that I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

You have to admit that adrenalin is a better wakeup juice than caffiene!? Important thing was that you were able to respond in time.


Well I had this mad moment a few seconds before I thought f**k I’d better start breaking, when I could see myself smaking into the side of the van and flying over the bonnet, like a pre-flash warning thang. But I’ve just been speaking to my boyf about it and if it was any worse how would a passerby know who else to contact, if it came to an incident that required ambulance etc. When the bombings happened in London it was advertised to put ICE infront of your next of kins name on your mobile but I don’t think many people know or do that.

So I was wondering if anyone has put anything on their mobile or carry anything on them should anything happen (touch wood it doesn’t to anyone but you never know) which has who to contact.

Quote GP “you c**t.”

He cant what???

Anyways, morning all - Im sure the van driver was just dazzled by your ginger locks flowing down ur back GP

HA HA - they’re not so long and flowing or very ginger these days…

Good Morning Happy Campers!


Morning or maybe afternoon