morning all!!!!

i have a man down today!! hes pucking everywere!!! oh well gives me an excuse to sit on the pc all day inbetween toilet and bowl runs!!! LOLLOLLOL

A very good morning everyone, its abit chilly but nice and dry outside

Hi Mumg1 hope he feels better.

didnt realise adam was back in the country!!!

bit of a busy day for me, got to drop the forks out of my motocrosser, then off on the lash in windsor from lunchtime!!!

Hi, Morning all, hope he’s feeling well soon


Bright as a new penny and as cold as Ice here !!

Morning all, nice chilly run in to Vauxhall from Chelmsford and the A12 was closed. What fun!

Hope he’s better soon, Gina.

god if it was adam ill i would nead a forklift to pick him up!! im just glad its my little one i can just throw him on my back

thanks everyone for your wishes!XXXXX


Poor you Gina, hope he feels better soon!

Morning all I’m in a good mood today as I’ve managed to booked tickets for Metallica this morning wooooohoooooo

Bloomin 'taters again this morning, my new muffs are gonna take a bit of getting used to


G’morning everyone

““my new muffs are gonna take a bit of getting used to””

Go on…explain…what ya done to it ???


Mumg1 I hope your little man feels better soon

haha ha … you know what I mean

Handle bar Muffs ! Not sure whether I like them now I’ve bought them

Get used to them and you’ll use them all year round. Wind-chill defeater in winter, soggy-glove defeater in summer.

Hope he`s feeling better now.

gooood morning gosh it is cold this morning, hope you are all fine have a good day

Morning all

Was snowing when i left this morning… at silly o’clock


morning!!! bloody cold weather, and its meant to be spring!!!

Morning all

Snowing when I got up too.