Morning All

Nice and Mild.

Morning, they say it’s gona p*ss down later least its not fooking freezing

Morning Barro !

Morning peeps. Bit of a breezy one today so watch those random gusts across the road!

Burberry’s having a sale Barro, why dont you give em a visit you ****ny Chav!

So are Harveys the Curtain People…

You can go and get yaself a couple of “Summer Shrouds” to runabout the Tora Bora Hills with ya mates ya Taliban Tossper !!

Morning Mr Barro! Yes nice and mild in London - bit chilly out in the sticks coming down the A1 mind!

Bloody windy too… must be the beans I had for tea last night.


Sunny and COLD here in KS this morning…having my morning coffee and daydreaming about Spring…just have to hold out a bit longer.

Mornin, KS