Morning All!

Joined yesterday, after hanging around, as a guest, for a while. Bit of time on hands due to having man-'flu, kids not on the computer, so here I am.:smiley: Live in Luton, work in Wembley, so often pop into Ace, either on bike whilst working (Instructor) or in car (My car club meets there too). The Ace sausages and Mash gets ordered every time!So card is behind the virtual bar, have a hello drink on me, look forward to meeting up, maybe on a newbie night.

Hi and welcome aboard.

hi welcome:D

may see you threre sometime

Glad to see you on here - no doubt I’ll see you properly again some time soon. :slight_smile:

Hope so, how are the bike repairs coming? When you feel up for a little run out, let me know, will take you on my “Get Everything Sorted” route!:smiley:

You’re a darling!

It’s so close to being finished it’s painful! Monday is the day, barring anything going wrong.

PS Get well soon. :smiley:

Watch the weather, maybe meet at the Ace first, then take it from there. Best thing is to get some simple steady miles under your belt first, before looking for something more…well, you know…:crazy:

Agreed. I’m away Monday/Tuesday anyway with work - if the bike is running and the weather not too bad then I may ride rather than drive on Wednesday to Brize Norton, just to get the feel of it again.

‘Fun’ riding can wait!

Welcome to LB