Morning all.

Found this site while browsing, had a read of various threads, and thought I’d join in! I’m back to biking after a break of 6 years and commute from Surrey to Moorgate on a '97 VTR1000. It’s the first time I’ve owned a twin and I’m loving it! I’m a member on too, but most of those guys are north of Birmingham. Makes it a bit difficult to get together.

I’ll try and make the Borough Market meet next Wednesday. What time do people get there? I’m upset it’s near the Market Porter, great pub!


Hi there and welcome to LB

Hope to see you at a meet soon

Hello and welcome to LB:D Its all in the ride outs and meets section,but I think people start arriving about 530-6ish and beyond.

hello and welcome to LB …enjoy

hey and welcome to LB fellow v-twin owner!!:smiley:


Welcome to you! I am a born again biker too. Bloody fantastic!!! x


Welcome to LB! That’s some commute you’ve got there fellah! :smiley:

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Plenty going on on here :wink: