Morning All - Welcome to Friday!

Good morning you lovely and not so lovely people :slight_smile:

morning - bit windy this am but much more pleasant than riding in wind and rain yesterday. Sky was on fire this morning - beautiful - but if the old ‘Sheppard’s delight’ is true that means rain later boo

Morning :smiley: Off out again and then watching the boys practise tomorow :smiley:

Who keeps rating this thread 1 star?

Anyway, morning everybody…may be Aceing later if the weather holds up

mornin all, great ride in today, north circ empty and not too cold :smiley:

morning!, bit chilly, not as windy as yesterday!

Sup diggedy dawgs!

afternoon folks. fair bit warmer today, lovely!

Afternoon all, anyone for kite flying ;):smiley:

Good afternoon all

evening all, so glad its friday, works sucks at the moment…