morning all off to amsterdam early start

yes got to drag myself and my still knackered arm and body off to Amsterdam…am not looking for ward to it…been in a lot of pain just lately…think I am getting used to the drugs and the effect isnt as good as it was…lovely… Hate taking these drugs but they do keep the pain away…well they did

anyway morning to one and all…have a good safe one all of you…

Morning all
2strokes have a good time :wink:

First time I’ve heard someone on their way to Amsterdam complaining about drugs !!

Seriously tho, hope your arm doesn’t give you too much grief, have a safe trip.

Gooood Moooorning LB’ers

Looking dry but cloudy out there today

Have fun… Stay safe

Morning everyone…hey 2strokes if your still in pain when you get to amsterdam go find the nearest cafe and order yourself a coffee and a smoke im sure it’ll cure the pain for a while!:D…i envy you i love amsterdam;)

morning all, I agree with wasp 2T find a cafe get yourself a cuppa n a HUGE slice of “special” cake, then you forget about ya arm :slight_smile:

Morning, Strokes get yourself down the district - there are a few places that can ease your pain for a few Euros - tell them I sent you - you might get a discount? :smiley:

Morning all

good morning!

Hi 2Strokes - seeing as you’re going to Amsterdam you couldn’t bring us back some. . .

er - on second thoughts don’t!!!. . . :slight_smile: :wink:

Hope the arm doesn’t give you too much gip and gets better soon fella :slight_smile: .

Morning you lot :smiley: Safe trip 2strokes :slight_smile:


How about a christmas L.Bers trip to Amsterdam???:w00t: