Morning - a nice fine drizzle today ( but not too bad!)

Still brilliant weather and it’s nearly bonfire night!

And Christmas is just around the corner!..

Morning all, have a good day

Morning all

Morning all, especially Triang in Triang-world where it isn’t raining! Bloody tipped down on me.

Morning all, The weather is so bad, my planned skydiving has been cancelled today

Mornin all . . . gotta say its pissin down here too . . . and it’s my day off . . . and I wanna work on my bike . . . :o(

Christmas! Argh! So many presents to think of, and absolutely no imagination! I’m going to be stressed until 25th December now

Morning btw

Me too, the A12 is no fun when it’s raining … why does this weather send the traffic in to shear panic mode ? They see me coming and don’t know what to do, usually white lining me (slide).

never mind the rain wot about the thunder and lightning!

Morning all…

The weather portrays what kinda day its going to be for me today !!

Its that time of the Month !!

Bill Paying Day…

“Why” oh “why” do thay all come at once !!

Morning All, taking the bike to work for the first time in over 6 weeks, bliss dont care what the weathers doing.


No - Marble Arch!

Came through about 6.45 vthis morning - slight drizzle then and nowt since!

It’s so dark today, really oppressive.

Thank god I brought my ‘Riders for Health’ mac my mate Hayden got me at Brands, boy did I need it that day. I came back with frost bite and a tan, did everything but snow that day I’m sure you’ll remember!

If you see me on the A12 with my mac on, give us a nod

Yep, it was raining here this morning and the M23 almost ground to a halt