met one of your chaps yesterday… on his r6. mentioned the site.

piccie of me is in avatar… live in crowthorne… work at colnbrook (heathrow)

new bike being delivered in 4 weeks is…

bring it on.

Hi there and welcome to LB…

let me be the first to poke you with our newbie stick as DA and Weaver aint here to do it…

poke poke



Welcome Toolie, my mate lives in Crowthorne… and i was there on Friday drinking all his coke lol

Hey toolie, welcome to LB! Post up a picture of your bike in the Pictures & Video forum so we can recognise you! Home to see you at our Cubana/Waterloo Wednesday evening meet soon!

Welcome Toolie!

welcome to LB mate

Toolie of SS fame. Welcome

awww, guys. i’m touched.

oh, and the SS thing? yeah, guilty. go there mainly to hone my debating skills.

Hello and a warm welcome to LB. Hope you enjoy the new bike when it arrives.

Morning and welcome.