Morinng LBer`s

Morning all

The sun is out the day will be warm, shame i`ve got to go to work today.

Good morning everyone, have a great day

good morning all!!! i realy dont want to go to work today!! i done jack pooh yesterday and its going to be the same today!!! would rather be at home doing scrubbing stuff

well have a good day everyone and a big helloo to jp!!!
and dont get burnt out there!!!

Hi,working in east sussex today so nice ride a bonus.

I’m at Hendon all week … took the train yesterday, but hell I’m riding out this morning !

Morning All…

Yep…suns out and no work for me !!!

Yeeeehar !!

morning all. Is it really that time already…

another fun day at the office, morning all, who wants a coffee?

Morning every one hope your all well!!!

Morning all, lovely 3 days off with flat’s now back to work!

make mine a tea and loads of sugar!!! cheers!!

Strong black coffee with a sweetner … morning all !

morning loopy

whats ya ride grid girl?

Morning Banditman

is there any cream cakes with that!!!

hows tricks at vauxhall? we had end of month last night.

Yeh been busy, was off yesterday so didnt have the hassle or grief for the end of the month back today tho to loadsa paperwork

we had loads of outstanding job cards with parts still left on them and was not invoiced, was here till 7 last night. you out at bmm tomorrow?