Morgawrs off - - - Cage Drivers argh!

Well got me another broken lever . Was heading up to the Ace last night, did what I normally do at a red light - filter to the front . Just as I pull in front the car that “was” at the front tooted the horn. Raised my hand and waved, light turned green, made my right turn onto Archway. T0ss3r cage driver must have it in for bikes - he got right on my back tire. Well guess what… the car in front of me did a quick stop, I did a quick stop, the ARSE behind me did a quick stop - ON MY BACK TIRE. Nudged me good enough to wobble the bike and there was no stopping it going down . Did a “controled” lay down on the left side, smashed up clutch lever. Waited two hours for AA to show and got taken back home. Left knee is a bit sore today, smacked it on the bike and ground when this happened. GRRRR Cager’s…

Oh yeah… only got the first bit of his plate as he sped around me and off down the road… havent made up my mind if I am going to do a hit-n-run report as dont have the whole plate. Who knows…

Oh well… I am ok (most important), bike will be ok once a clutch lever is sourced (again). Hell the way that I seem to be snapping levers - probably should have three or four spare at any given time

Hope to see some of you at Excel on Sunday as I will be there with my son and possibly Joolz and family.

havent made up my mind if I am going to do a hit-n-run report as dont have the whole plate

You should!

If you do nothing, nothing can be done.

If you do report it, there is a chance the bstrd may be caught.

I’m sorry you’ve been hurt and your bike’s damaged.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for both.

As above. Report what you know. Glad you’re ok.

Poor lamb! Glad to hear ya oki though. At least your indicators weren’t damaged, eh?

There is too much of this kind of thing going on. Report the *******!

I agree with Mr Chips, glad to hear you are ok tho and your bike isnt too badly damaged…Keep safe out there peeps

That Sucks dude . . Get the ****er nailed!!!

glad ure ok mate

is there something in the air …(anti-bikers gas)???

Now that would have p1ssed me off … glad you are Ok ish,


Ann x

What an ass hole, hope your knee and bike get better soon!

Sooooooooo glad your in one piece!! Phew!

Should have called me and told me AA were arriving later, id have come and rescued you, i was only at Ace too…

Cya Sunday xxxx

Thanks everyone… will probably report it… still steaming around the edges at the arrogance of the driver.

Knee is ok, just tender… will be fine… thank goodness for wearing armor!!!

Catch everyone out there soon… hopefully Just Bandits will have my clutch levers at the show on Sunday!!

Report him…looking there might be a CCTV camera that picked him up…

Just Bandits were doing a good trade today…

Glad ur ok matey, but u shud report the tw*t, he’ll no doubt do it again

Sh*t news but glad you’re ok.

Oh yeah, report the (unt