Morgan Car Company to Build Motorcycles!

I want one!:w00t:




Did you upgrade the Riot’s frame? :smiley:

I have agreed to to a part exchange if they will transfer the rust on to the new bike!:stuck_out_tongue:

The guys in Morgans “body shop” will be cringing about now. Their carpentry is of a much higher standard.

More seriously, there is a rumour around that Morgan are about to go back to their roots and start producing a three wheeler again.

I suspect 'tis all borrocks, but they are a company full of surprises. (Not the least of which is surviving.)

As long as the wheels are the right round, cool!:w00t:

think it has ABS:D

Does ACF-50 prevent woodworm?:smiley:

Paint job by Cuprinol :smiley: