More than a charity event......................

Hi folks, it’s Jeremy, the short bloke on the Fazer thats too tall for his legs!

I’ve read some fantastic things on this Forum this morning about the breakthrough weekend and have so much to add myself on the same lines but this is a different kind of thanks.

I would like to add my personal thanks to the chaps outside of who supported the event as bikers as well. I was working with Barro and Lorna many months ago to get the numbers together to ensure safety was covered and I am so pleased to see that we all came together as a fantastic team over the weekend.

To make an event like this successful the support teams need to be great as well, and despite never having met until the Saturday or Sunday morning, great friendships were instantly forged to see our role completed with massive success and comaradery.

Two wheels is always a great ice-breaker but I can honestly say that everyone in the team from Londonbikers I met were a genuine bunch of great people.

Yes we all did a great job and you should all be bl**dy proud of yourselves. We had little sleep but kept the smiles going, the banter funny and the motivation and encouragement, for those amazing walkers, relentless. Safety was our role but we not only succeeded at that but so, so, so much more.

I hope Sally’s bike has finally cooled down, the battery on the Honda is fully charged, The mirrors on the CBR grassy hyside are fixed, Rufus get his CBR back and returns that 4bhp monkey bike, The R1 tyre has stopped smoking and Patrick has removed the cyclist from his rear indicator .

I know that those of us who were not officially Londonbikers have or will sign up and I suppose are now or will be true London chappies.

We are who we are and to do what we did this weekend as a team is incredible. Well done and be proud!


Thanks for the warming cuddle - it was very much needed. thank you

Good to meet you too!

Regards to all the guy’s especailly Rufus spent a few hours with him at various places.

thanks J …yeah finally cool…but id go through it all again…and so would the bike


Nice one Jeremy!! Welcome to LB! You hit the nail on the head, we all made instant friends and had a great time supporting the walkers on their mission. It was such a sterling effort by all involved, I feel very lucky and proud to have been a part of something as great as this!

I think we need to give a huge welcome to our new LB’ers. We’re all in this together…

Remarkably my tyre is still round after that bit of fun after the procession!

theres been alot said that i would have said

so i wont say it again

but thanks to all

bikers and walkers

we all did well and it makes me so proud to have helped out

Nice to meet you jeremy, and thanks for the weekend and welcome to LB

It was great meeting all of guys who came with you and to reiterate Flats greetings to LB, welcome and hope to see you down at Cubana at some point


you and the guys from the bank did me and most importantly our community proud, the effort you put in to help me over the months was priceless…now you see…all the ranting and raving about this site and how welcoming the crew are here has now been experienced first hand.

Dont be a stranger…get the guys and gals from the bank to join up and it can only make our future events and forays even more successfull !!!

Stick a big note from us at LB to you and the Staff in the Offices that we are gratefull for your imput and you are more than welcome to be a part of anything we have going in the future…

Big personal shout to Rufus who worked his nuts off for me all day on some of the most isolated points depicted…I have had many many calls and emails saying what a top job the guy did and how happy he made the walkers feel. Any more guys like him on your team then we definately want them as members.

Thank you …

Love and luck from the Barro.

Oh and Thank you for suppling all the Bra,s that our Kim had to dye !!..I think she might just want a word with you !!

yes thankyou guys, welcome aboard!!!

Cheers guy’s and girls.

A mail already went out this morning to my lot and the thanks was passed on. We will definately be down to the club meet as we need to see how the Orange t-shirt dinner is coming along!

Rufus is a bloody star. I’ve known him for many years now and despite having his own issues he has the heart of a god and the enthusiasm of a tazmanian devil on steroids! He was the first to respond to me when i sent the volunteers request out and he was the first at the gate in the park from my lot. Thanks for the personal note to him guys and I will make sure he reads them.

So what event do we do next then!

Group hug. Love you all!

PS. Oh and just remember if we do this next year and you are wearing a bra on the outside of your leathers just remember to stay the night as riding through Dalston and Hackney on a Saturday night looking like biking trannie on the way home isn’t good!!!

Liar, I bet you loved the attention

Well I can’t say that I was getting better at sorting out the clevage or sorted out the chaffing but hey I dunno what these women complain about!!!

Thank You dinner details are up tiger - go check it out.

Dear LB, thanks for your messages of support and being so welcoming, (the bloody lot of you twisted my arm). Jolly nice of Barro and am flattered - this must be a mistake, surely I’m being mixed up with one of the more vocal orange shirts. And when Doc joined me at a couple of locations, I let him do most of the dirty work - thanks Doc, he was good company. And many thanks to you all, esp Barro, Matt and Pat for having patience with me. It was a fabulous weekend, it was great meeting and working with such a super bunch of guys and gals, most of who obviously didn’t mind being seen chasing a trannie on a moped. Here’s a tip, the more I stuffed my bra, the more I was photographed - so if you want your 15 mins of fame, this is the way, not BB or X factor.

Jeremy, thanks for your kind comments further down, or up, the thread, I’m a much of a ****e as the next person. I’d like to mention what an exceptional guy Jeremy is, anything I, or any of his mates, do, he does it better and with more oomph. Thanks to all, especially Jeremy, without who I wouldn’t have experienced this special and memorable weekend, and wouldn’t have come across loads of gallant and unselfish people.

If I don’t see you on a Wednesday before, look forward to the thank-you dinner whatever, whenever, wherever.


Rufus you’re a star! Well done mate- It was a pleasure working with you!

See you soon


Hey Rufus, welcome to LB! Good to meet you at the weekend! Liked the bike

Ohhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!

I was waiting for you to join up…

Thanks a million geeza for all that hard graft…pleasure meeting you and I hope that the past weekend wont be our last…jump right in to this site mate…theres many more quality people lurking in the shadows that wanted to but just couldnt make it.

seeya soon for that beer you promised to buy me …