more teeth

… and no im not talking dentures! hehe, ive just got a new chain and sprocket set for the tiger, shes in the process of having them fitted, but i have a question, ive originally had a 46 tooth sprocket on the back and 17 on the front. Triumph sent me the wrong rear sprocket for a 885i tiger, not 955i. I have managed to get a new 48 toothe rear sprocket instead, will this make much difference in terms of acceleration? will i actually notcie any difference?

So what you are saying is you have gone up 2 teeth on the back if I read that right?:)Your acceleration will be slightly quicker and you will notice you change up quicker than before. You will loose a few mph at the top end but how often do you top out on the road?

It’s not an extreme mod as some people go down one tooth on the front and up 3 on the back for mad take off and reduced front tyre wear;)edit: Just for reference losing one tooth on the front sprocket is roughly the same as going up 3 on the back sprocket:)

YES THATS RIGHT chunky, 48 on rear as opposed to 46. ok thats cool, i really want to get it finished, atleast with the back wheel off i can clean the swinging arm and all around the shock… thanks!

One thing to consider is that with the bigger rear sprocket, the std length chain may not be long enough to fit it…

1 tooth bigger is normally OK, but going 3 up on the rear often requires an extra link.

Or you can drop it 1 down on the front and with the 2 up at the back your chain will fit :wink:

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