More shiney bits for the sv

As we all know I’m forever tinkering with my bike and today was no exception :slight_smile:

The front end I built up was a gap stop until I could Source all the right bits. I managed to get a set of k1 calipers off tdj but they needed some work.

So off to work and the calipers were stripped rebuild with new seals and a fresh coat of paint.

To go with these I bought a set of “braking” wave discs and am using bendixs pads so the bike is gonna STOP!

More to follow

Nice one mate, you got them new calipers on yet? :slight_smile:

Nah not fitted yet I left the pins and pads back home plus wanted to let the paint fully Cure over night.

I might fit them tomorrow after work but it’s a ball ache bleeding the system from a fresh.

nice :slight_smile: just bought a set of R1 Mono block calipers, and will go on with a brembo master cyclinder and some bendix pads, should stop on a 50p piece!!

is that better than stopping on a sixpence ? :slight_smile:

it’s the same, only I don’t have a sixpence to attempt it do I :stuck_out_tongue:

You got the same wavy discs as on my new beastie :wink:

Looking good! :slight_smile:

you need decent brakes :stuck_out_tongue:

nice tho, proper top job mod on the front end.