More security options - the shoe

Also come across these, again they look much better than the chain/lock option for home based security! Any views/experience?

And theres this variation I saw in FirstLine the other week - the gorilla lock

Paging D lock


I was impressed with the Gorilla Lock and thought it’s a must have, then again …

The Bonne’ has 7 spoke alloys, what happens when one of the spokes interferes with the lock bolts closing :w00t:

I’d like to see some tests of these gorilla locks.

LB mods? We’re all upset about bike thefts, what about an up to date article about security? Different types out there now? Mmm?


trouble I see with that gorilla thing, is it looks very very easy to damage if there wasn’t a bike in it so if you have something worth steeling they can come when your out, beat the crap out of it and nick your bike because you can’t use it.

Having it as additional security inside a garage makes a lot of sense though

The other thing is you’re technically not using your steering lock so are you invalidating insurance?

Yeah of the 2 the shoe looks much more robust and less likely to go wrong

How would they know if you didnt use your steering lock if your bikes been knicked? :smiley:

Good point :smiley:

Looks very flimsy and probably wouldn’t take a lot to damage/sabotage it. Looks like inspiration came from a bear trap.

I would imagine, unless you had something seriously exotic (ducati/mv etc) in there, the bike thief would see that and think balls to it. There is enough easier targets with an oxford chain to get cut through than attacking that thing with power tools!!!

When I ride to the office, there is a guy who parks in W1 on a stunning GSXR1000 with race rep paint that doesn’t even disc lock it… :w00t:

If found crashed and half ripped apart with an intact sterring lock, I’d imagine they’d cop it?

Damn, that’s why you should be a manager!

its just a cut down version of one of these:

and just as easy to carry around with you :smiley:

Was wondering what happened to my top box :w00t: